We love gel skin cases. They offer up the best all round protection, scratch resistance, looks and feel. Today, we’re looking at the SwitchEasy Vulcan ..

– a super swish looking anti-tear, scratch proof skin for the iPhone 3G/S.


  • Revolutionary Ultra Durable Scratch Resistant Hydro Polymer material
  • Super Strong tear resistant protection
  • ‘Less is More’ clean design
  • Total protection with headphone jack and connector
    protectors included

The Vulcan features a stylish, star-trek-esque V shape over the back, and a slightly raised SwitchEasy logo molded on the rear. These little style queues give it a super clean, futuristic appearance. There’s some very high quality production values employed by SwitchEasy. There’s not an ounce or hint of flashing on the skin anywhere.

We’re very impressed with the Vulcan’s all round protection for the iPhone. The Vulcan covers the power button and volume rocker. That’s a little more unusual in the case / skin scene – but having seen how SwitchEasy pull this off – we’re not sure why more cases don’t include protection for these elements. The skin still allows for flexibility – but acts as a barrier against grease, dust and spills.

The Vulcan packaging is very comprehensive.

The case comes with a small cardboard iPhone placed in the skin. Hidden within the iPhone packaging are some tasty little goodies…

The Vulcan has a simple texture and design and looks very stylish.

SwitchEasy have done a good job of offering up flexibility and protection.

The Vulcan sticks very closely to the contours and ports of the iPhone.

Inside the little iPhone packaging, you’ll find the following:

Headphone / dock connector port covers

A screen protector and applicator.

A micro-fiber cloth for cleaning.

The dock protector in place

The headphone protector in place

The Vulcan is a great, stylish little case by SwitchEasy. We’ve had it on our test phone for around 3 weeks now and found no major bug bears. Of course. we’ve dropped the phone a few times accidentally – and yet the Vulcan has protected our iPhone heroically. A great looking, stylish case – highly recommended!

The Vulcan is available directly from SwitchEasy, in a variety of different colors: http://www.switcheasy.com/products/Vulcan/Vulcan.php