Yes, I know I’m pretty late in the game here, but I finally got my hands on (well, my hand on) a Magic Mouse and… well, I’m not sure why I’ve waited so long.

I was forever using a wireless mouse from a different manufacturer, and it stopped doing the job. And then I was given a Magic Mouse, and, well it is magical.

So you know, readers, I bet most of you might already have this, or you’ve tried it, or you’re passed it. And that’s fine. But for those who aren’t already using–and loving–the Magic Mouse, this is why you need it.

The surface acts just like a track pad, with a sleek outer shell, completely button-free. The Multi-Touch area covers the whole mouse — you can scroll in any direction with a finger, swipe left and right through web pages with two fingers, and click or double click anywhere.

It uses a powerful laser tracker that is sensitive and responsive and just a heck of a lot better than your ordinary mouse. It tracks with precision on any surface, favoring everything and anything over a traditional mouse pad. Sitting at your desk? Use it there. On the carpet? There, too. Park bench in the park? There, as well.

What I also love is that it takes regular batteries — just two AAs — though you can get an Apple Battery Charger that comes with six high-performance NiMH batteries that are charged and ready to use. You can also save your battery power with the convenient on and off switch if you’re gone for awhile, but the Magic Mouse also powers off by itself when there are longer periods of inactivity.

Like all Apple products, the connection to your iMac or Macbook happens with ease. It connects via Bluetooth wireless technology, and you can get a secure connection up to 33 feet away.

It’s super handy, using these gestures that reminds you of track pad or touch screens. You know when you turn the page on your iPad with a swipe of the fingers? Same goes for the Magic Mouse — just give ‘er a swipe. When you’re scrolling up and down (which, by the way, you can change the direction to if you prefer it in a natural motion or not), it supports momentum scrolling, where the scrolling speed corresponds with how quickly or slowly you make the motion on the mouse.

Though the Magic Mouse lets you click and double-click anywhere on its Multi-Touch surface, you aren’t void of a right-click. JustĀ enable Secondary Click in System Preferences, and if you’re a lefty, you can reassign left and right click, as well.

There are a few other neat tricks embedded into the Magic Mouse, such as a 360-degree scroll, which allows you to scroll in any direction and pan a full 360 degrees by brushing one finger along the surface. or Holding down the Control key and scrolling with a finger for a screen zoom.

So yeah, I’m a little late. But if you love using a mouse, like perks of the track pad, and are used to swiping on the iPad or iPhone, this is definitely an investment you’ll want to make.