Photograph apps are becoming a hit, and iPhone and iPad users are downloading them by the loads. We love what they do to our photos, and the best part? Well, most of them are free.


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Chances are, you’re already familiar with Instagram, one of the first popular photo apps. After a quick registration, Instagram allows users to apply filters to their photos, making them appear as though they were taken using an Instant Polaroid camera or Lomography lens. You can these filtered photos via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and other websites. It’s easy-to-use, has a simple interface, and is pretty addictive.

Users can choose from different effects, creating beautiful photos that you can share with a tap of the screen. Other features include Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift, blur effects for extra depth of field, and unlimited uploaded. You can interact with friends, and share instantly via
Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Posterous


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This photo + video app all in one lets you relive the moments that lead up to the shot itself. It captures a few seconds pre-photo taking, capturing the story behind your photo. Users can save these to their private collection or share via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, Foodspotting, Posterous, Foursquare and Mixi. You can also follow your friends to keep up with their lives, as well.

Adobe Photoshop Express

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The free iOS version contains basic editing features, such as crop, straighten, rotate and flip, and adjusting brightness, contrast, tint and saturation. You can also add to your photo with  sketch, soft focus and sharpen effects and add on other filter effects and borders. It is also connected to, a free online photo sharing, editing, and hosting resource where users can  upload and store 2GB of photos and videos online. Our favorite extra features include Reduce Noise, a Self-Timer, Auto-Review, and more.


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Photosynth from Microsoft lets users create easy panoramic photo. Just snap the photo with your iPhone and then aim it at the area surrounding that original photo to create a panorama. Yep, the app does it for you. You can share shots via email, and save cropped versions of panoramas to the phone’s camera roll. You can also use the map features to check out others across the world. Photosynth allows users to make a panorama from left to right, as well as up and down, enabling you to capture a full “sphere”. The advanced image stitching engine creates seamless results, creating photographs like you never thought you could without editing and reediting in front of the computer.

Picture Effect Magic

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Add color filters and effects to your photos with ease, through 62 free filters, featuring the largest selection of high-quality photographic effects availble in an app. Just press the screen to make it retro, hand drawn, or inspired by fine art. You can also add borders, frames, blur, neon, and more! It is simple to use, and more “advanced” users can take advantage of color adjustment (RGB,HSL,HSV,YUV,CMYK), brightness adjustments, flip and other options. You can mix and match your options – you don’t have to stick to just one – and save to your library and/or share to Facebook, Flickr, or via email.