It’s not a surprise that the new iPad caused a bit of a stir. It’s pretty darn awesome with the same tried-and-true iPad price point to match.

EDITORS NOTE:   We are currently doing a full hands on review of the iPad. We are currently finishing testing the 4G in Vancouver and San Fransisco, as well as testing for over-heating issues. The full review will come in the next couple days. We have not experienced any over-heating issues at all with our demo model. Overall, it is almost perfect. Just add two speakers in better locations, make it a little lighter, and it is perfect.

If you’re debating whether to upgrade from your iPad 2 or, now seemingly ancient, iPad, here are some reasons you might opt for the switch.

The Display

Just like on the iPhone 4S, the breakthrough retina display makes everything look that much better. With all your images on the screen crisper than ever before, and far more lifelike, each razor-sharp text and image will bring forth those colors that deserve to be there. The screen is home to 3.1 million pixels that are powered by a new A5X chip, with every bit so perfectly detailed. It has a 2048 by 1536 resolution, which also has a 44 perfect greater color saturation. With four times the number of pixels than the iPad2 and a million more than an HDTV, your eyes can hardly even fathom it. The technology used for this is the first of its kind, and Apple engineers specially elevated each pixel from its signal so quality is the highest possible.

The A5X chip has quad-core graphics, driving super power to the pixels with a quick response time. Fast and reliable, it’s always ready at your fingertips.

The Battery Life

Despite all of the speed and improvements in the display, don’t fret about the battery life. Users will still get up to ten hours of use on the new iPad.

The Camera

The new iPad has a much-improved camera, featuring 5 megapixels with advanced optics, a backside illumination sensor, auto white balance, face detection, and more. You can also record 1080p HD video. The iSight camera’s backside illumination sensor creates autofocused exposure regardless of the lighting. The video has an automatic stabilization feature, so recording is clear and crisp. The camera uses advanced optics with an f/2.4 aperture and five element lens, and delivers a sharp, clean image.

The Speed

The new iPad is equipped with the next-generation wireless technology, letting users connect to fast data networks, up to 4G LTE. It is specially designed with celluar antennas that have access to a larger frequently spectrum, meaning pretty much anywhere you are, you’re connected. Because it supports these everywhere, you can surf the web, download, and get work done at quick, efficient speeds. It is compatible with GSM/UMTS, as well as HSPA, HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, with downlink speeds up to 42 Mbps and 21.1 Mbps.

Even better, the new iPad is a personal hotspot, so users can share their data connection for up to five devices, including your iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, Macbook Air, Macbook, and more, all over WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB.

So what do we think? We think it’s pretty awesome, and a great upgrade, especially if you have an iPad first generation or (!) no iPad at all. It still is home to the iOS that we love so dearly, and is connected to iCloud for easy access to all of your content on all of your devices.

Stay tuned as we review it more, along with apps, in the next couple weeks.