Stop press. Tweetie 2.0 is finally here. We love tweetie. Probably a bit too much. But we’ve always been a fan of the awesome interfaced and super easy to use apps. Big fans.

Improving on near perfection, is tough, and I sure wouldn’t want that job. Fortunately though, the tweetie makers are happy to step up to the plate and what they’ve produced is the most refined and elegant twitter client ever. Full stop.

Tweetie 1.0 for the iPhone was good. But some users we’re unhappy with the lack of horizontal view modes amongst others.

Lets have a look at the app-in-action:


Tweetie 2.0 icon (bottom) vs the Tweetie 1.0 icon (blue top)


The new Tweetie interface. Glossy and refined. Now has little blue notifiers when receiving new replies and messages. Just like the mac app.


Awesome new pull down to refresh. Love this!! Tweetie also remembers where you left off reading, and opens where you last refreshed, so you won’t miss another tweet again! Plus, we have search. Woo!


Here’s what the old interface looked like for reference.


The awesome radar animation that finds nearby tweets.


Previewing nearby tweets, without leaving the map. Very slick.


New tweet counter. Press it and….


Wow. Carbon Fiber. Awesome hidden sort of feel to it. Love it! Check out shrink URLs and possibly the most handy ever feature a twitter user-name address book. Awesome!



Tweetie is the most refined twitter client ever. Full stop. I think the makers will struggle to improve on this iteration, and at only £1.79 or around $3. Bargain.

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Features List

  • Seamlessly handle multiple Twitter accounts
  • Explore all of Twitter, from your own timeline and mentions, to the favorite tweets of your followers and friends
  • Full persistence: more than just caching tweets, Tweetie 2 restores your entire UI if you quit or get a phone call
  • Fantastic new offline mode. Read, tweet, favorite, follow, save to Instapaper and more even when you don’t have a connection. Your actions will be synced as soon as you go back online
  • Full landscape support (configurable of course)
  • Live-filter your tweet stream
  • Post photos and videos, even configure your own custom image host
  • Vastly improved compose screen with recent hashtags, @people picker, URL shortening and more
  • Compose screen multiple-attachments manager
  • Drafts manager ensures you never lose a tweet (and you can even send drafts to Birdhouse)
  • Link Twitter contacts to Address Book contacts
  • Follow, unfollow, block and unblock from multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Saved searches sync with and the upcoming Tweetie 2 for Mac
  • Autocomplete recent searches and Go-to-user
  • Threaded Direct Messages and improved conversation navigation
  • TextExpander integration
  • Rich integration with Follow Cost, Tweet Blocker, and more
  • Edit your own Twitter profile
  • Specify custom API roots on a per-account basis
  • Nearby map view
  • Translate tweets
  • Preview short URLs
  • Safari bookmarklet support for easily sharing links
  • In-app rich text email composition
  • Tons of little things, including improved avatar caching, auto-refresh, refresh-all, seamless Twitlonger support, hashtag definitions and more
  • This is just the beginning. Tweetie 2 is already built to take advantage of great new features coming from Twitter, so expect updates turning them on soon!


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