While braving the winter cold, iPhone users might find themselves with a bit of a dilemma: iPhone rings, text messages ping, and emails are alerting you, but uncovering your fingertips is the last thing on your mind. What to to?

A few companies have developed a solution (which first we’re not too sure), with winter-friendly gloves with an iPhone friendly addition: electrically conductive material on the tip of the index finger and thumb.

Dots Gloves
$15 knit, $20 wool, available in black

These are the most cost-efficient of the US/Canadian made versions. Due to their popularity and demand for more styles (leather and kids), they’re on back order, with more soon to follow. These are among the originals produced.

15€, 90% Cotton 10% Polyamide, available in cream and black.

According to the manufacturer, “… months of investigation and research has developed a new textile formula that give users perfect multi-touch control on every tactile device, especially designed for new capacitive technology.” We think that sounds ambitiously excellent.

Etre Touchy
£14.99, available in charcoal with turquoise trim, 100% Acrylic

Compared to the others, these fall behind, despite the clever company claim that they “prevent fat-fingering”.  Etre Touchy gloves are missing the index and finger, similar to when you bought gloves as a kid and snipped off all of the fingertips.

The North Face
$40, available in black with grey
93% polyester, 7% elastane, with a silicone grip

Thin enough to work as lining under additional glove for outdoor sports, but slick enough to make you sort of look like a robot. You’ll want to wear these in the summer, too.

Freehands Stretch

Freehands have flip back caps that expose your thumb and index fingers for actual touching ease, with magnets that keep the caps pinned back.  allow actual finger to touch iPhone screen, 100% responsiveness.

Image courtesy of Dots Gloves: dotsgloves.com