I’m a huge fan of Star Trek (Yes, I am a nerd) and when have you ever seen Captain Picard stop to charge his tri-corder?

Answer: Never. No ugly cables, no mess, he probably pops it straight onto a WildCharge pad and, hey presto he’s charging his tricorder. Fortunately, WildCharge also offer the Charging pad and supporting adapter skins for us mere earth-dwellers too and we’ve got one to try out on our test iPhone 3GS.


  • Compatible with all iPhone models
  • Convenient, wire-free charging
  • Protects your iPhone
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Ergonomically designed

The charging pad consists of a grilled charging base, with a single blue LED charging indicator. The whole unit is supplied with power by one power-cord, which makes for a great, clutter-less desk. The charging pad is finished in a slatey black color plastic (with a speckled, glittery effect) and the mirror-finish chrome strips that supply power. In order to extract the power from the base and into the phone wireless, on the back of the skin you’ll see 4 pin-connectors arranged in a triangle (sort of). These act as contacts for charging the phone or device. The skin has a cleverly integrated 30-pin standard iPod / iPhone dock connector (which is plugged in 100% of the time with the skin attached) – which routes the power from the base into the battery.

The chrome / mirror finish charging strips

The 30-pin dock connector is concealed at the bottom of the skin once fitted

The case and charging pad are very good quality, with no flashing what-so-ever on either from moulding and the skin in particular fit’s the counters of the iPhone well. Not only does it fit well, and charge your phone, but it also offers good protection from bumps and scratches.

We have to admit, the concept is very cool, but in practice it’s even better. We set up the Charge Pad on our desk, just behind one of our iMacs. It will sit quite discreetly out of the way. Then, all you need to do is place your device on the pad (as though you were placing it on a desk) and it’s charging. That’s all there is to it. Somehow, it appears to have been designed that, no matter which way you place the device, it will always have a connection to the base. This is very clever indeed.

The skin included is actually a very tough, rubbery material (if you drop your phone it just bounces) and provides very good protection. The skin itself makes this a great product. The area surrounding the dock-connector is beefed up, presumably to offer more protection to this area (you wouldn’t want to snap your iPhone internally) and make space for wires and internals. The case looks good, fits the contours and cut-outs of an iPhone well and fits well in the hand. The rubberised material offers good grip too.


A brilliant case and fantastic way to easily charge your phone without bending over and messing about with cables and sockets. Simply place the device on the pad, and it’s charging. The skin offers great protection. WildCharge have a wide variety of ‘adapaters’ / skins for use with other products that house mini-usb ports (there are also Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Blackberry specific connectors available) The pad even supports charging of up to 5 devices at once!

We highly recommend this product, which can be purchased directly from WildCharge for $49.99 (pad only) or $79.99 with an iPhone 3G / S skin.