Occasionally, an app will come around that is good. Really good. Today’s app, Wunderlist is very much like that.

It takes all the good things of apps like Things or web apps such as TadaLists and improves on them. Firstly, don’t think of Wunderlist as a super-whizzy technical app that has all sorts of different options. Rather, the app is beautiful in it’s simplicity. There’s just enough options to be excellent, but not enough to overpower you. There’s no pointless elements. It’s the perfect meeting of form and function in a to-do list app that we could now no longer live without.


  • Sync your todos
  • Multi platform support
  • Create multiple lists
  • Shortcuts for creating tasks
  • Sort via drag & drop
  • Change your background
  • Time based tasks
  • Starred Tasks
  • iPhone app coming soon

And that’s it. Yes there could be more features, it could do more things – but all would be totally pointless. It doesn’t ping you constantly to ‘remind’ you of all the stuff you haven’t got done. It’s adaptable, flexible and highly usable and we love it. Now we can tick ‘write Wunderlist review’ off…

An excellent UI, cross-platform compatibility and the fact the app is free make this a must download program.

Find out more at: http://www.6wunderkinder.com/wunderlist/