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However, whether it’s for cost or design, they include a 2 and a half foot charging cable. This is usually fine, if you sync your iPhone on your desk or if you can place the iPhone near a wall outlet. But what if you can’t? What if you want to charge your iPhone in a corridor full of people who could tread on it on the floor? Well, you need an xlSync! The xlSync weighs in at 6 and a half foot long (just shy of 2 metres). That should give you plenty of cable to play with, so you can stretch the cable across gaps to coffee tables, desks or the top of cupboards to keep your iPhone safe and out of the way.

The cable is a direct swap for the included cable, with a USB 2.0 connector at one end and a standard Apple dock at the other. The dock actually fits into our iPhone much more smoothly and with less pressure than the original Apple connector – something we like! The cable is also compatible with the iPad, iPod, iPhone and will sync all the previous models as well as charging them (depending on compatibility with computer). The quality of the xlSync is good (like, Apple good), and at $12.95 should be on any iPad or iPhone users’ to buy’ list.

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Syncing up to 6.5 feet away!

This rough photoshop shows the approximate difference in cable lengths!

The original Apple cable on the right, the CableJive on the left

The original Apple cable on the left, the CableJive on the right

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