Occasionally, a product is dropped off by the FedEx man that simply exudes brilliance. One such product is the Xtand Go.

It is by far the best car stand we’ve tested. It offers great strength, flexibility and durability. The Xtand Go has many intelligent features, which we’ll cover in our review below…


As usual, we’ll start with specs. The Xtand Go on paper looks like a competent and flexible stand. It offers up additional pads that can be used to secure the Xtand Go to a dashboard, or a generic device. Because these pads are universal in fitting (either as a dashboard or gadget mount) you get 4 or 5 in the pack. That’s a brilliant idea, as it allows you to use the stand in several cars or on a TomTom, an iPhone and Blackberry as you wish.

  • Flexible mounting system

  • X-mount for iPhone 3GS/ iPhone 3G
  • Go Button mount for smart phones and sat-navs
  • Pocket-sized and portable

The Xtand is made from a tough, durable plastic. At the top, you have an iPhone holder. This fits the iPhone perfectly – the phone is held very securely in place, ideal when you start hitting more bumpy roads. Not that it’s so strong you’ll never be able to release your iPhone from it’s grip, a molded tab situated on one car means removal of the iPhone is very simple and practical. In the above picture, you can see one of the Xtand’s mounting blocks. These slot into the stands base, but can easily be removed by pressing the small clips on the base.

The instructions have very easy to follow diagrams, rather than wordy directions.

The windscreen sucker. This is by the far the best qyality sucker I’ve tried by any aftermarket company. Most other designs usually fall off at least 3 times before they stick permently. Because the Xtand’s base is removable, it’s easily fit to the windscreen – with the sucker providing good even pressure. Application works the first time every time! Removing from your windsheild is a synch! Just twist the base ring anti clockwise a little, and peel off using the tab on the suckers surface!

The base is made of 3 separate blocks. Each block pivots from one edge, but also rotates 360 degrees. That means you’ll be bale to fit this stand pretty much anywhere and configure it to suit you and your vehicle. Even when the 3 blocks are fanned out , the base is still very sturdy with minimal wobble whilst traveling.

The 3 block system in action. Note the articulation in each segment. On the right most block, you can see on of the clips that facilitates quick release of either the stand from your car, or the device on the other end from the base.

The fully assembled stand, stands at around 3 or 4 inch tall with the top block tilted).

Here you can see the Xtand secured to a windshield. The sucker on the bottom works faultlessly. In this configuration there is literally zero movement whilst traveling on even the roughest roads. Note the suckers removal tab.

You can physically see the connection made here, it’s almost rock solid. The darker areas indicate where the rubber has sealed to the glass. It would probably secure more if we’d have applied a little pressure and cleaned our windscreen – but we wanted to give it a real world test, which it handled effortlessly.

Here we have TomTom iPhone edition at work, held perfectly in the corner of our windscreen. You can position the Xtand almost anywhere (as you’ll see shortly) so you can affix it in a location that suits your driving style and car. We like it to be well out of our line of view, close to our speedometer and rev counter. The top left tab is visible in this photo.

Positioned  in a non-distracting, safe manner. This sits well below the level of our steering wheel hump.

Here we see one of the stand mounts. These have an adhesive backing, and can be attached to generic devices, your dashboard, roof lining – anywhere they’ll stick. These can also be attached to your favorite case for super speedy iPhone placement.

In a preferable position on our dash. We love it placed here, as it’s in no way obstructing the drivers line of sight and can be quickly referenced without taking ones attention away from the road. We plan to mount it on the dash across several cars, and the pads are ideal for this as the mount is always in place.

Drivers eye view

We also prefer the dash mount for security reasons, it doesn’t leave that tell tale sucker mark on the window for thieves to see. Rather, you’re left with a discreet and uninteresting block on the dashboard.


The Xtand Go by Just Mobile is one serious piece of kit! If you ever use Sat Nav or your iPod in your car, this is an absolute must, but forget any other car stand – it has to be the Xtand Go. Available from a large number of stockists worldwide. Visit JustMobile for more information